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Lista joistakin näkemistäni hääaiheisista leffoista (valitettavasti olen liian laiska kääntämään englanninkieliset kommenttini, sori):

  • Father of the Bride, 1991
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral, 1994; I have a love/hate relationship to ”the American” in this movie. Does someone still love Wet Wet Wet?
  • Muriel’s Wedding, 1994; I bought it – and still have it – on a VCR tape. Sidetrack: I thought Daniel Lapaine was sooo hot! This is a great introduction to the work of some fine Australian actors.
  • The Wedding Singer, 1994; when did this happen? It’s 15 years old!?
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding, 1997; I’m astonished this was made in the 90’s. I feel old (read the comment on Muriel’s Wedding…)!
  • Polish Wedding, 1998; an absolutely fantastic movie that too few have heard of.
  • The Bachelor, 1999
  • Runaway Bride, 1999; Julia Roberts and Richard Gere meet on screen again after Pretty Woman
  • The Wedding Planner, 2001; this is the Movie. As a sidetrack I’d like to mention that I first saw Alex from Grey’s Anatomy in this movie, which took me not very long to figure out – who could forget Maaaassimo who wants to win Mary’s heart?
  • Monsoon Wedding, 2001; I really like this one!
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 2002
  • Sweet Home Alabama, 2002; I was introduced to both Patrick Dempsey and Josh Lucas here.
  • The Wedding Date, 2005; what is it with Dermot Mulroney and chick flicks?
  • 27 Dresses, 2008; I still experience difficulty of breathing when I think of the Closet…
  • Made of Honor, 2008; who could resist McDreamy as their MOH? *sigh* (*rolls her eyes*)

Lista hääaiheisista leffoista jotka haluaisin nähdä:

  • It Had to Be You, 1947
  • The Wedding Banquet (Xi yan), 1993
  • It Had to Be You, 2000
  • American Wedding, 2003
  • Wedding Crashers, 2005
  • Bride Wars, 2009; yes, even if Washington Post claims ”This movie is for people who are less about plot, more about place cards” (”Hollywood Wedded to the Formula” article) *grin*

Itse asiassa katson paraikaa Bride Warsia, juon Suomesta tuotua kuivaa Strongbow-siideriä (tanskalaiset ovat juuri heränneet oluthorroksestaan ja tajuavat saman kuin mitä suomalaiset teinitytöt tajusivat 90-luvulla – makea (blargh!) omenasiideri maistuu hyvälle) ja vietän tytön iltaa itsekseni. Olen juuri kuullut Marion St. Clairen kommentin ”I’m Marion St. Claire, the most sought-after wedding planner in Manhattan” ja ymmärrän että nyt se alkaa.

Loppukaneettina tälle artikkelille loppukaneetti toisesta blogistani: There is something about these sugar-dripping chick flicks that embrace forever-lasting, perfect love. I didn’t even consider adding others like ”William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet” or ”Corpse Bride” to the list, even if they are true wedding stories too. Anyone in their right mind knows not to believe in pink clouds or fairytales, but human behavioural studies have shown that an increasing number of women in particular try to draw parallels between the screen and real life, making almost any kind of relationship impossible to endure, believe in and work for – so they just give up after not having found perfection like expected. For some reason the fairytale always stops at ”The Happy End”, never showing the brutal twists and turns of everyday life in which some work to maintain a healthy state within the relationship is actually necessary. Who wants to see that anyway? Most of us seem perfectly happy with not going beyond ”The End”, but lately I find myself thinking it would actually be more interesting if we were to see how the couple does some honest work on the field of feelings. So my conclusion is that the wedding movies are useful to zone into when one tries to tackle the pink fluff of sites on the Internet where a Wedding Planner gets her/his inspiration, but at least in my case the suffocation sets in rather quickly and I turn off my computer.

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